I love spaces - I love the way design is all around us. I recognize the pull the essence of a home has in wanting its owners' attention. It is real.

I’ve spent decades researching, exploring, accepting, integrating, and re-discovering more aspects of me and spaces due to an experience I had when ill, cleaning out the kitchen pantry. I’ve worked with all kinds of spaces, people and their families. I have experienced a lot. Some you wouldn’t believe and that’s ok.

Energy Design Interiors is an evolution between me and my home - both within and without as I find harmony with my life experiences. It can’t be any other way as I am not separate from either and neither are you.

It is an honorable experience to enter a client’s home and commune with them and their sacred space. A home is Holy ground. And those who bask in the Holiness of home have a great opportunity to evolve and expand their life. I can support you in that. Yet you must be willing to do the work. I am not your saviour, so pleeeaasse, don’t hire me if you want me to put certain items in a specific direction so something won’t or will happen to you. I am not interested in that.

If you are willing to walk with me through your home and be with the things before you and experience them new, then we are in alignment. I will share with you much more than these pages allow.

I look forward to meeting you and your home.

With love,
Patricia Barclay