Generation Gems

Sometimes parents share with me the sensitivities their children can have in their home. For example, sometimes a child cannot be in a room in the house for reasons they may not know, or reasons parents are not willing to believe.  They may feel uncomfortable or can’t sleep, or see things they can’t explain.  This can cause anxiety and upset for all involved.  Generation Gems educates a child about their experience and the inner gifts they hold.  The room/s they feel hesitant about will be explored with the child.  Each circumstance is unique and upon discussion, you will be given a description and quote of the services best needed.  This may involve: Home Balancing, a re-design and de-clutter, personal coaching sessions and Gems of Excellence training.  Some or all of these could be the gifts your child is waiting for to move forward in their life and you, as their parent or guardian can help make that happen.



1 Session $80
3 Sessions $200
5 Sessions $325

Gems of Excellence                                      Introductory Training $50




Our children are very sensitive.

"So sensitive that at times they are very distraught about the activity that goes on in our home that me and my husband cannot always sense. We are a family of sensitive homeowners.  We can feel when something is not right in our home or when someone has been there that is not happy or going through difficulty.  Their energy lingers in our space and we clear it often in our own way. 

Patricia was very supportive and accepting of our belief and interactions with our home. She understood us and we felt her appreciation of our sensitivities.  Our one child however, is extremely sensitive and was dealing with things they could not understand.  With Patricia’s guidance they have been able to move forward in accepting the inner gifts they are born with and find ways to use it to help others.  This has brought relief and comfort to all of us.

Patricia also did Home Balancing. Not only does our space feel increasingly calm and peaceful, but the anxiety I have lived with since living in this home disappeared.  Colleagues have noticed a difference in me. I feel so much more myself and I am grateful how these services have supported not only our children but us as parents.

I highly recommend the services of Energy Design Interiors if you or your children are sensitive to their environments."

— T & Family