Home Balancing

Your home goes through a lot in a day. week. year. People come and go spreading joys and frustrations throughout one's home. Life gives many experiences that take us through a range of emotions that colour our space. 

Home Balancing releases unwanted energy that builds up in a home after others have lived there or after going through life challenges.  Just as a human body must release unwanted energy to stay healthy, so must a home.  This is energy we don’t see but feel and many homeowners are sensitive to this energy.  As old energy is released, the energy of past and future pulls together a new reality, designed specifically for the new homeowner/s. This process reveals a home’s higher potential as new design ideas come forward that align with client desires.  The results can be subtle yet smack dab miraculous.

This service is done from a distance using the signature Home Balancing tool to clean and clear a home's auric field.  The process and new design ideas are shared immediately afterward in a voice or face to face meeting and a pdf of design ideas are given to you. 


"Every object has a Breath, every nook and cranny a Soul."

- Native American Proverb




I knew I needed to move my life forward but was not sure how.

"When I met Patricia, I had a feeling she could help me.  I had experienced a tragic loss in my family, I was in deep grief and financially destroyed. My son spent most of his time in his room in the basement and the relationship I was in lacked fulfillment.  How do I even begin to make changes and move forward in my life? 

I shared with Patricia my intentions and chose to experience Home Balancing.  Patricia did the work from a distance.  Once completed, she shared with me the new energy that was anchored within our home and property and some simple changes I could make in the home to keep the energy moving.  

This all helped me see my home in a better way.  Something shifted. Not long after, my son began to spend more time with me in the main part of the home.  Our dog even seemed to come to life. I began to feel like I had a family.  I began to focus on becoming “me” again, accepting my new normal.  

What the next year/s brought were big life changes.  I have moved to a new town, restored my passion being a lawyer, nurtured the relationship with my son, faced and transformed aspects of grief and feel that I can carry on with my life.  

I am grateful for the service of Energy Design Interiors and the fresh start this process helped me with.  If your life feels stuck, empty and void of the life you once had, I highly recommend investing in Home Balancing."

— Julie