Let your home support your New Year intentions

Let your home support your New Year intentions

It is said we create everything twice: once in thought and the second in form.

We generate an image within our minds first and then listen for the steps to bring it into form or demonstration through our abilities, helping to create specific outcomes. When you make an intention, energy has a chance to respond to you and will impact what stays or goes through the filter of your consciousness.

What if your home hears you?

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Do You Want to Change Your Ways?

Do You Want to Change Your Ways?

Do you want to change your ways?  

Over the years I have presented workshops about the relationship between people and their home, and one of the topics included the use of mirrors.  The practice begins with being able to look at yourself in the mirror first, noticing what you see, what features stand out, what is subtle and unique about yourself. For some participants looking at oneself was challenging, upsetting, and some couldn’t do it and refused.  This was ok, as I stated there is another way to look at oneself that can be easier, and that is by looking at your home.  

If you recall in the opening blog post, looking at the pantry shelves was a way to look at my life and myself.  The simple sorting and cleaning action created an opportunity for me to experience firsthand the deeper interconnections between myself and our home.

Looking at the rooms of one’s home is another way - and often easier way to take a look at yourself. Taking a look at the rooms of your home is not to judge, condemn or praise yourself, you look solely for the purpose of knowing yourself better and to consider if you want to change your ways - or something in your life.  

Everything chosen to bring into a home has a conscious and/or subconscious connection to those who live there. Every act made within a space leaves an imprint, residue and like a tracker there is much that you can learn about yourself by looking at your home.   

Sometimes we outgrow our homes. We look around and notice very little seems to resonate, wondering how this happened within the very walls of our own home. Many interpret this emptiness as a sign to move and relocate.  Yet what is often happening is something deeper within the homeowner and the people who live there. This can be an opportunity to explore something within themselves that wants to be seen, change, grow and become more.  

There is a symbiotic relationship between a home and the people who live there.  It is real. You can’t just stand there looking in the mirror.

Go deeper.  

See what you really are ready to see in yourself and state the changes you want to make. Then turn around, walk around the rooms of your home, talk to your home and let the rooms speak to you about this change. Listen. Take action.

You will need belief and an open mind to relate with your home, and to know more about yourself through it.  

Looking in the mirror brings the opportunity to change and change is the foundation of life.  Only you will experience the cost of losing yourself for the sake of feeling too uncomfortable to look in the mirror.

Maybe you are ready to look at your home and see it new. De-sign Therapy has several experiences that can help you with that.  www.de-signtherapy.com

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