Let your home support your New Year intentions

In 2002 I was sitting in a hotel room in Medicine Hat, Alberta. I was there to lead a workshop on Intuitive Feng Shui. Getting ready for bed I turned on the news and caught an interview between Wayne Gretzky and Kelly Hrudy. It was the 2002 Olympics in Salt Lake City, Utah and the Canadian hockey team had arrived to begin playing.

A response I heard to a question caught my immediate attention: “How is the team preparing for the Olympic games?” The response made my jaw drop to the floor as they say, as I heard Wayne Gretzky explain, “One thing we did was consider the team dressing room. We gathered a selection of photos from other hockey teams that embodied the qualities we desire to have as we play the Olympic Games.”

I listened to the list of attributes and qualities the team had chosen to win Olympic Gold. How they gathered the photos of teams that had demonstrated those attributes, placing them around the dressing room so the players could align with those qualities within themselves - helping them to demonstrate those exact qualities.

It is helpful to be alert to your environment, noticing what your eye is taking in and how your body, mind and emotions respond as images pass through your senses and into your consciousness.

It is said we create everything twice: once in thought and the second in form.

We generate an image within our minds first and then listen for the steps to bring it into form or demonstration through our abilities, helping to create specific outcomes. When you make an intention, energy has a chance to respond to you and will impact what stays or goes through the filter of your consciousness.


What if your home hears you?

The ancient art of creating altars and focal points was done for this very purpose: to tell the Universe, God, subconscious, energy particles — whatever it is you believe — that this is what is desired. This is my intention. Looking at and placing your attention on the altar was to set in motion the response of the healing intelligence that is all around us to bring idea into form.

We all make intentions and have desires, but do we ask what quality or attribute that desire will give us?

Let’s say your New Year’s intention was to exercise more. What quality or attribute will you achieve by doing this? Perhaps the answer is, I will be more vibrant and energized.

What do you have in your home right now that is makes you feel vibrant and energized? By having that object in your surroundings and giving your attention to it, you set in motion what I call the Living Energy Alignment Process (L.E.A.P.). It’s very similar to what the Canadian Olympic hockey team was doing to achieve their desired outcome. And you know what?

They won.

Happy New Year!