Summer Ride

A few months ago I had the privilege to be introduced to Trena Anderson. True to her company name, Connecting in Spirit is what Trena does naturally.

Next thing I knew we were planning a trip to visit one another and connect face-to-face. From the moment I started packing to the moment I unpacked, my body was delighted to go on this road trip as it seemed to be just what I needed to kick-start my summer and dust off residues of city life.

This trip would not have occurred without the help of Rosemary Stephanson. Rosemary has been a catalyst in helping me bring forth my vision of De-Sign Therapy and has helped me connect a few dots from a business perspective and in meeting like-minded entrepreneurs. (She was also my road trip partner. More than a few laughs were shared on the way to Camrose!)



Sipping chai lattes with conversation flowing, the morning showers were a like a fresh renewal and reset of my beginning of summer. Before Rosemary and I knew it, the sun was shining and the landscape - green rolling hills, yellow canola fields and blue skies - had my prairie girl attention. I loved the scenery so much as we drove. I couldn’t help but notice how much it fed my cells and Soul. Before I knew it, we pulled into the driveway and met Trena and her entourage of dogs.

Oh. My. Dog!

So if you know me well, you know that dogs are not my thing. Ever. I wasn’t quite sure how we would respond to one another, and there they were - just as dogs are, so eager to meet and greet. I was promptly made aware of two dogs in their heat cycle.

I asked, “Uuuh, ok and what does that exactly mean?”

They were having their period, which explains the diaper on the one dog Harper, whose hormone high (an entity unto itself!) was having her ready to rip the face off another dog, Piper. Piper, on the other hand, was behind kennel bars, whimpering sighs of pity. Oh my dog!

Much was happening on many levels and I needed a bit of time to adjust to what was going on. Immediately upon entering the property, I was being made aware to practice, like I can every day, to have no expectations of how anything would/should/could be. It was impossible to miss this message - it was so clear! It was a great message then, now and for all the moments in between. Thank you, precious Harper and Piper, for playing your part and helping me with some further learning.

Just be present. Just be me.  In doing this I can generate the perfect space and experiences that I require.  

Connecting in spirit at sunset

Connecting in spirit at sunset

Of course, a short time after we arrived, the country girl I know is in me was remembering all the “feels” of living on a farm. I was once a cowgirl/farm girl/4-H kid who took care of chores, rode horses, rounded up cattle, cleaned pens, and ran after cats and dogs. A flood of memories from what seemed like a lifetime ago filled my thoughts and I just allowed the memories to warm my heart and feed the present as I watched the dogs just be themselves - apologizing for none of it, accepting their boundaries, heeding the leadership of their owners, emanating their dog attitudes and freely just being themselves as animals do. I felt the interactions between humans and animals in ways I had not experienced before and it touched me. I have a new respect for dogs, boundaries, leadership, saying no, and allowing others and myself to just be.

In the following days, we truly connected in Spirit with one another. Heartfelt chats, an enduring sense of ease and comfort in Trena and Keith’s home, immersion in dog and animal behaviour, sharing of delicious food, laughter, running the Bars, experiencing gemstone therapy for body and home and two great sleeps ensued!

This summer ride deepened my experience with the Spirit of Connecting itself, knowing that when I deepen my connection with everything — myself, my body, my surroundings, the animals, the food, and the people — I thrive.

Thank you to Rosemary, Trena, Jordyne, Keith, Piper, Harper, Bo, Marly, the Dexter clan, the horses and of course the farm itself for this experience of connection. It was just the summer ride I needed and it was a delight!