In-House De-Sign + De-Clutter 

Energy Design Interiors takes to heart the quote, …every object has a breath…. knowing first-hand the impact objects and space has upon our mental and emotional well-being and in allowing our life purpose to unfold.  If the mind and emotions are not tranquil, if grounding for mental relaxation and emotional contentment cannot occur, the experiences designed for your home and life become restricted and limited. 

This service includes a de-cluttering process; a new room or home re-design process.  What if you listened only to you...what would you uncover?  You will be going through the contents of each room; you will discern your own editing process using your personal Truth Meter – which Patricia will help you discover; you will let go of items and not just re-arrange items; you will be coached when emotions or memories become stirred making it difficult to let go.  You will discover more about yourself and become clear about the relationship between you and your home and what changes are required to support both. A new design plan for the room or home will reveal itself and this will be documented to help the re-design process or if further renovations are desired. 


"De-sign : Soul's desire made seen."

- Patricia Barclay




I knew my life needed an overhaul and I felt it speaking to me through my home.

"My home wanted a major update and a new design.  I had used the services of Sacred Space Consulting in the past, (now Energy Design Interiors) and knew who to trust for this work.  Patricia helped me envision my home in a totally new design that made it more open, spacious and with a new design that feels more like me.

When you work with Patricia, things just seem to flow. I did the living room, kitchen and dining room renovation without delays and cooperation from everyone that worked on the project.  Every item and appliance seemed to be found quickly and in a price range I needed. Curating items seemed to reveal themselves when the time was ready and it was so much fun re-creating my home. 

The end result is I have experienced some major beliefs and patterns that were limiting my relationships and life overall.  A home renovation and re-design can do that. I feel more capable to look at myself and face what I have avoided for so long. I feel a deeper connection between my home and myself. I always enjoy coming home.

I have had so many compliments on my home.  With Patricia’s guidance, she has helped free the inner designer within me and now I am confident that what I bring into my home, will help me and not hinder me."

— S.M.J.