I kept getting the nudge to call Patricia.

Together my husband and I chose to redefine what family meant to us.  We re-designed our family room to reflect the family we chose to be now.  We realized our work with youth was our own unique way to create family and with this realization we made those youth part of our definition of family.  It was a relief to discover this truth for us through our home.  We had no idea until Patricia helped us see our space with new eyes.  Thank you for this huge insight.

— The Anders

"I truly believe the Home Balancing saved my marriage."

I have been blessed to have Patricia Barclay come in my life. My husband and I bought our home eight years ago. It was home to three previous couples who sold the house due to divorce. When I realized this and felt my marriage moving in that direction, I consulted with Patricia. Within six months, our marriage was restored to better-than-new condition.

We are still together. I truly believe the Home Balancing saved my marriage.  Thank you for sharing your gift with me. 

— Jen A.


"Thank you."

Here is what happened because of my Home Balancing:

• I am more peaceful and calm.
• I am watching less TV.
• Cooking for myself with ease and joy.
• Cleaning my house with joy and ease.
• Taking out items that no longer work and finding items that do.
• Organizing on a regular basis.
• Taking better care of myself.
• Looking around my house with love.
• Breathing easier.
• Starting to make better choices.
• Trusting myself more.
• Asking myself what works for me and what I want.
• Realizing how others influence me and deciding to make choices for me instead of them.
• Standing in my power.

Thank you.

— Deb F.


"Within a year I was remarried and on a wonderful journey of new love and a new life has absolutely flowered within me and around me."

My husband had recently passed away and I too had become ill.  I could not spend time in our home. I found myself living more with relatives than in my own space. I met Patricia and she said she could maybe help me so I accepted the help. I was able to move back in and continue my healing journey. I chose to live. One day I found a painting of a bright and beautiful flower.  It was a very large painting that uplifted me and gave me life. I brought it into my home.  I felt the flower was me.  Within a year I was remarried and on a wonderful journey of new love and a new life has absolutely flowered within me and around me.  I would never have imagined this possible within such a short time frame.

— G. M.

Thank you Patricia for this grand gift.

Energy Design Interiors is a bold idea - working on one's consciousness through inner examination of forgotten/unwilling to touch shadows. Through loving words and Patricia Barclay's soothing voice I was able to reconsider - going back in time, looking at many thought patterns, emotions and feelings that weren't needed anymore. Myself and my home were liberated. Now it is a place with a joyous, invigorating "heart" to wake up and spend proactive hours in, with wondrous business results.

— Dara S.